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Happily ever after?  Is it possible to meet a person who is right for you on the internet?  The experience of several best friends is "yes".  Many others have not found their happily ever after story.  So, my advice to women of all ages...fill your life with meaningful and fun activities...but keep an eye out, test the waters when you're up to it (on the internet or on the paths of your everyday life), and give it a good try when the opportunity arises.  

Before you enter the dangerous waters of Internet Dating!


Doctor Flamingo's Top Ten Rules for Internet Dating
for Women over Forty
Rule 10.  If you are very sensitive to rejection...STOP here!  Or sample internet dating in very small doses, separated by lots of time with loving friends and pleasurable activities that DON'T depend on being chosen.
Rule 9.  Remember that internet dating is basically a candy store for men, especially those over 40.  With the availability of so many first dates with attractive, quality women, most move on rapidly (sometimes the very same evening!) if they are not fully satisfied.
Rule 8.  If you've had difficulty (shyness? lack of experience? issues?) with in-person dating, expect the same stuff to crop up with internet dating.
Rule 7.  Understand that all of the following phrases mean about the same thing...he's just not that into you:  "Let's keep in touch."  "I'll call you soon."  "I'll call you tomorrow (or any specific time)."  "See you soon."  "I had a marvelous time."  "You're such a nice (interesting, accomplished, etc.) woman."   Most men find it impossible to tell a woman that they are not interested in her...they simply disappear or use the stock phrases above.
Rule 6.  The only way you can TELL if they are interested is that they track you down immediately, show up, and keep showing up.
Rule 5.  Keep caution in mind if you do get a nibble.  Keep your personal information private, schedule initial "meets" in public places (with others present), and if it goes further, pretty please practice safe sex.
Rule 4.  Sign up for internet dating services that have a large enough membership to guarantee that at least some suitable men your age live within a few miles of your home.  Distance does not make the heart grown fonder.
Rule 3.  From my own experience, services that select matches for you do not have many suitable matches available for women over 50 or 60...and they are more costly.
Rule 2.  Devote only 10 percent of your available social and personal energy and time to this endeavor.  Devote another 10 percent to in-person singles activities or programs in your area.  Devote the remaining 80 percent of your time and energy to social activities and interesting projects that have NOTHING to do with dating or finding a partner.
Rule 1.  Read He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt.  It is painfully honest but will save you beaucoups heartbreak in the long run.
Maintain a realistic attitude...and keep that chin up!