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Advice from Doctor Flamingo
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These psychological advice columns were originally written for an online website for mid-life women and still offer valuable advice written in an easy-to-understand inspirational style.
Written by Dr. Karen Stephen (aka Doctor Flamingo)

Finding Out More About Depression

Types of Depression and Mood Disorders  

Change Depression Thru Action

Talking to Your Doctor About Medication for Depression

 Holiday Blues

Search for Serenity    

Ten Worst & Best Ways to Say “NO”  

  Gift of Singleness

Art of Letting Go  

   When Things Fall Apart   

What Makes Therapy Work

The Scary Path to Retirement  

  Dealing with Serious Illness


ANXIETY & Phobias   


Compulsion Spending   

Overcoming Life’s Disappointments 

  Handling Life Transitions

New Stressors but Familiar Solutions

  Five Top Issues Affecting Mental Health for Midlife Women

Midlife ~ Crunching the Crummies 

  Midlife ~ Mastering the Maladies

Midlife ~ Scraping Off the Overfilled Plate

Stepping Back on the Sidewalk

Coping with Serious Illness